Fir Grove Teachers at Tree to Tree

Fir Grove’s Principal Marson teamed up with Hiteon’s Principal Warren to give staff at both schools a fantastic team-building experience at Tree to Tree Adventure Park back in August this year.  Student videographers from Westview High School created this wonderful film to capture the day!

2015-16 Friendship Singers Fall Schedule

Photo by JMColett

Photo by JMColett

All rehearsals are 2:30-3:30pm in Mrs. Colett’s music room.

Rehearsal: Monday 10/26 & Wednesday 10/20
Monday 11/2 & Wednesday 11/4
Rehearsal: Monday 11/9
Rehearsal: Monday 11/16 & Wednesday 11/18
Rehearsal: Monday 11/23 & Wednesday 12/2
**NEW** Concert: Thursday, 12/3 at 7:00pm Washington Square Mall
Rehearsal: Monday 12/7 & Wednesday 12/9
Rehearsal: Monday 12/14
Concert: Tuesday 12/15 **CANCELLED**
**NEW** Rehearsal: Wednesday 12/16
**NEW** Concert: Thursday, 12/17 at 7:30pm Beaverton High School

Concert attire: Mr. Brownell is working on a choir polo shirt order using our choir funds.  The shirts will be green and will have our school and choir name on the lapel.  Please plan to wear your shirt with dark pants or a dark skirt (preferably black) from your closet.

2015-16 Fir Grove Concert Dates

Friendship Singers • Thursday, Dec 3rd • 7:00pm Washington Square (6:45 call time)
1st & 4th Grade Concert • Thursday, Dec 10th • 6:30pm Fir Grove Gym (6:15 call time)
Friendship Singers • Thursday, Dec 17th • 7:30pm Beaverton High School (7:15 call time)
2nd & 5th Grade Concert • Friday, Feb 19th • 6:30pm Fir Grove Gym (6:15 call time)
Kinder & 3rd Grade Concert • Thursday, May 5th • 6:30pm Fir Grove Gym (6:15 call time)

Photograph by Greg Cody

Photograph by Greg Cody

Friendship Singers is our new 4th & 5th grade afterschool choir
co-directed by Jennifer Mohr Colett and Bruce Brownell.

Southwest Music School offers strings classes at four BSD Elementary Sites

Is your child interested in learning to play a stringed instrument such as the violin, viola, cello, or bass?  Instruction in these instruments is not currently part of the BSD curricular program, but after-school group classes are offered by Southwest Music School at four BSD Elementary School sites: McKay, Oak Hills, Ridgewood, and Hiteon.  Click for more information:


Our visiting artist, Fred Sautter (former principal trumpeter with the Oregon Symphony), selected this song as a special project for the 4th graders’ concert on December 10th!  The students will perform an arrangement of the piece on percussion instruments with an improvised “jungle” introduction and singing in 2-part harmony.  Oh—and they’ll also be dancing the Frevo!

Our new guitar rack ROCKS!!!

It’s finally here!  The guitar rack we ordered about six weeks ago has made its way across the country to our school.  We owe a BIG thank you to Cindy Stiteler and the Siegel Foundation for granting us the funds to purchase the guitar rack, and special thanks to the Fir Grove PTO (especially Sarah Scott and Rhonda McCall) for carefully servicing the funds to ensure a smooth transaction.

Guitar Rack

What an improvement!  Everything is so neat and organized now.  The neat-freak in Mrs. Colett is jumping for joy.

Music Rm*

This is what it looked like before: TOO MESSY!  And there was nowhere for anyone to sit at the back of the room while waiting for their turn on the xylophones.

Dad Guitar 2

Mrs. Colett’s father, Steve Mohr, is our guitar hero for helping us assemble the rack.  All the students noticed how handsome it looked on display at the back of the classroom this week.  So exciting!!!  Thanks again, Dad!

Dad Guitar

The cart is a beautiful way to store, transport, and display our valuable classroom set of acoustic guitars and the 4th graders will be using it at their Dec 11th concert!  Come on over to the Fir Grove gym at 6:30 PM that night to Oooh! and Ahhh! at our fabulous student performances and take a gander at the new guitar rack in person!

Guitar Closeup

Our collection of guitars includes 13 fairly new instruments on permanent loan to us from Mountain View middle school.  A warm thank you to new MVMS Choir Director, Jessica McKeirnan, and Principal, Claudia Ruff, for helping arrange the loan last month.  It’s so nice to have a complete set of matching guitars to make learning more straightforward and harmonious.

Our awesome guitars are ready for Fir Grove 4th and 5th graders to JAM OUT!!!


Welcome to the music room at Fir Grove Elementary in Beaverton, Oregon.  This site was launched in October, 2014 to replace our old site that will be going offline in May of 2015.

More content will be added to this website soon!  For now, please enjoy using the song lyrics page to peruse our music room repertoire and sing your favorite songs at school or at home or with family and friends!

2014-15 Fir Grove Music Concert Dates:
1st & 4th Grade: Thursday, Dec 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM
2nd & 5th Grade: Thursday, Feb 12, 2015 at 6:30 PM
FDK & 3rd Grade: Thursday, Apr 30, 2015 at 6:30 PM
If you are interested in volunteering, we’d love to have your help!  Please contact me at