A Musical Instrument for Every Student!

Our school has a new fundraising project!  We want to put a musical instrument in the home of every student at Fir Grove Elementary. Children thrive when learning is playful and hands-on. Every $15 donated provides an instrument for one student, and the matching grant makes it two!  If you’d like to contribute, please visit


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¡Nuestra escuela tiene un nuevo proyecto de recaudación de fondos! Queremos poner un instrumento musical en el hogar de todos los estudiantes de Fir Grove Elementary. Los niños prosperan cuando el aprendizaje es divertido y práctico. Cada $ 15 donados proporciona un instrumento para un estudiante ¡Por cada $ 15 donados, la Beaverton Education Foundation también donará $ 15!


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Music Concert Dates

2018-19 Fir Grove Elementary Music Concert Dates

1st & 4th Grade — Thursday, Dec. 13th at 6:15pm
2nd & 5th Grade — Wednesday, Feb. 13th at 6:15pm
Kindergarten & 3rd Grade — Thursday, May 2nd at 6:15pm

**Doors open 5:45pm, performers arrive 6:00pm, downbeat 6:15pm**

2nd & 5th Grade Music Concert

Please join us in the Fir Grove Elementary gymnasium at 6:30pm on Thursday 2/15 for our 2nd & 5th grade music concert. Doors open at 6:00pm and admission is free!

Song selections include This Land is Your Land, Purple Light, The Frog and the Mouse, Step Into the Spotlight, Einini (Gaelic lullaby), Ehara i te mea (Maori folk song), Love is the Magic Word, and a few special solo presentations by students!

2017-18 FG 2nd & 5th Grade Music Concert*

1st & 4th Grade Music Concert

Please join us in the Fir Grove Elementary gymnasium next week at 6:30pm on Thursday 12/14.  Doors open at 6pm and admission is free.  Song selections include Do Re Mi (from The Sound of Music), Over the River and Through the Woods, Peace Round, Simple Gifts,  Carol of the Bells, Tongo, Winter Fantasy, and Sleigh Ride.

2017-18 Fir Grove 1st & 4th Grade Music Concert*